Transform Your Sluggish Sunday, In To The Ultimate Sunday Funday!

Transform your sluggish Sunday, into the Ultimate Sunday Funday! Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed feeling as if you’ve been pulverized by a Louisville Slugger? Some may stay in bed however if you are a brazened professional you know there are a few steps to transforming your day. Firstly, you must recharge and hydrate, call a few buddies over, and lastly but most crucially contact your favorite local and trusted Stripping Agency Kitty Cat Now! We’ll revamp your sluggish Sunday into the ultimate Sunday Funday! With the aid of Kitty Cat Now we can provide sumptuously Sexy Strippers to your door in a flash!

Focus On The Bright Side

It may seem difficult to foresee the perfect Sunday Funday ahead of time. However, simply by giving us a call ahead of time, we can line up all the details so all you’ll have to do on this fateful Sunday is sit back, relax and enjoy all the titillating fun you’ll have! Being amongst friends and the high energy of our effervescent Erotic Dancers is tremendously uplifting.  Don’t allow yourself to stay in bed all day, plan a Sunday Funday Party in advance to truly start your week off on the right note! Whether you identify as an introvert or extrovert everyone appreciates a Sunday Funday spent watching a riveting 2 Girl Fantasy Show.

Create Your Ideal Sunday Funday

Kitty Cat Now enables you to create your ideal party. If you would prefer the girls make you breakfast and coffee in the morning before starting your show we have you covered! We offer two fantastic packages: Boobs & Bacon or Tits & Toast both options are fully customizable but typically are designed as morning shows. We do ask that you provide all the groceries and cookery needed for our stunning  Kitty Cat Now Strippers to cook up a lavish meal. Afterward, they’ll beguile your guests with an alluring show guaranteed to rock your socks off!  Either variation is a sumptuous way to begin your Sunday and truly transform it into an experience you’ll fondly recall all week! If you truly crave the ultimate Sunday Funday give us a call or Book Online today!

Kitty Cat Now:

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