Brunch Ideas with a Grown-Up Twist

Brunch is one of those meals that gets lost in the mix. Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? Whatever it is, it seems to be getting more and more popular with each passing year. The problem with brunch is that it seems stuck in a mundane rut that makes them sound unappealing. What if you could change up what brunch means to you and your friends? We have a couple of ideas that you might go head over heels for!

Brunch Roulette

One of the biggest issues with brunch is agreeing on a place to go to even offers brunch, aside from specific holidays, like Easter or Mother’s Day. Rather than wasting hours trying to figure out a place to go, write out all places that offer brunch on small strips of paper and fold them up. Have everyone select one at random to remove until only one slip remains. Whatever is on the slip is where you all go for brunch.

Shot Or Not

One fun game that you can do if you have a brunch at home is the Shot or Not game. Set up random shots of alcohol for everyone in attendance and cover them with a solid color plastic cup. Set up whatever rules you want for the game, like answering trivia questions or relationship questions. If someone gets the wrong answer, they have to go over and randomly select a cup and lift it. If it’s empty, they got lucky if not, it’s time to take your shot! Note, it is essential to set up additional “blank” cups to avoid taking a shot if they get lucky enough.

An Erotic Brunch for The Ages

You could also make your brunch a little more exciting by contacting Kitty Cat Now and schedule a dance to handle your brunch. You would need to provide all of the cooking supplies, including food. They would then proceed to prepare brunch for you and your guests topless. Once brunch is done, it can be followed up with an enticing show that leaving you asking yourself why you’ve never done this before!

If you want to learn more about how Kitty Cat Now can help give your brunch a more grown-up twist, do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear what plans you have cooked up!

Kitty Cat Now:

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