Whether You’re Naughty or Nice

Whether you’re Naughty or Nice you’re still on our list! Book your Holiday or Office Party with Kitty Cat Now to score Santa’s Sexiest Strippers! The holidays are finally here, the season most of us long for all year. The Christmas season is filled with the unmistakable fragrance of pine cones, Evergreen wreaths, the seasonal spices of cinnamon, and cloves wafting from festive kitchens. Let’s face it, everything smells and tastes better in December. You mustn’t forget the spirit- sure, the drinks but joy, of good folks getting together.

The Reason For The Season

The true reason for the Holiday Season is getting together with those nearest and dearest to us. The friends who have become family that we may only see once a year. The last few years have done a number on all of our sensibilities and now more so than ever we must take every opportunity presented to us. If Santa offers you an epic opportunity you simply can’t look this gift horse in the mouth! For an epic Holiday Office Party, we invite you to regale in Santa’s scantily clad, Sexy Strippers! In order to make this Holiday Season the kind of jolly that instantly will fuel a night of naughty yule tidings. Whether you have a belly full of jelly or a full glass of eggnog Kitty Cat Now provides a bevy of bodacious Exotic Dancers to stun and amaze your intimate crowd. Plan the type of party your colleagues will be rehashing over the water cooler for years to come!

Come See Our Sleigh Bells

At Kitty Cat Now our tight-bodied and Voluptuous Strippers will show you just what Naughty or Nice really is! Providing that missing ingredient to truly make a holiday gathering far more memorable. Just imagine some guaranteed sexy little helpers coming to you with visions of wild lap dances, and their little toys to dance about your head. It’s all happening and can truly be the Ultimate Holiday Office Party of your dreams if you will it to be! Only with Kitty Cat Now can you expect the kind of sexy merriment that will make the holiday season most memorable. Make your drab Holiday Office Party count this year with Kitty Cat Now! Give us a call or Book Online today!

Kitty Cat Now:

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