Upgrade Your Bachelor Party with Kitty Cat Now

Bachelor parties are a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the groom-to-be. There are so many unique ideas and options out there today, but then there are the guys who prefer the classic: a few drinks, a few dancers, and a whole lot of last-night-single fun that everyone will enjoy.

What happens, though, when you want to enjoy a night at the strip club without actually going to the club? Whether it’s because you want to avoid crowds or you just want a more personal, unique experience, you can hire Kitty Cat Now to deliver some of the hottest dancers in the area to the venue of your choosing.

Why Choose Kitty Cat Now?

With our selection of available services and packages, you can customize everything from the type of show, to the number of girls, and so forth. Perhaps you just want one or two dancers to tease and entertain the groom-to-be. Maybe you want a full barrage of dancers and entertainers to offer something for a large group. You can even choose from fantasy and lesbian shows, or go all-out with the XXX Extreme Show.

We also have a host of time packages available. You can choose a 45-60 minute experience or book a package that includes up to 90 minutes or more of entertainment. The more girls, usually the more time you get. Therefore, if you want six strippers at your party, you’ll want to allot at least 90 minutes, if not longer. In any case, we’ll help you find the perfect fit.

Have Fun in a Safe Environment

Another reason that people choose to hire dancers and entertainment from Kitty Cat Now is that it allows them to enjoy all the spoils of the strip club in a safe, comfortable environment. It could even prevent drunk driving by having the party at someone’s house or apartment, and then having everyone stay the night. And yet you can still get a full dancer experience with any kind of private show that you want, just for your bachelor party guests.

Call Kitty Cat Now

No matter what you’ve been thinking about for your bachelor party, Kitty Cat Now will make you think again. Call us today to discuss all the ways that we can help you upgrade your bachelor party and give you that custom entertainment experience that you want without breaking the bank.

Kitty Cat Now:

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