Turn your Diaper Party into a Dadchelor Party!

Did you miss your Bachelor party in 2020 but now a bundle of Joy is on the way? Well it’s not too late to get a Stripper your last hurrah you could say before your life completely transforms.

I’m sure many of you are asking what exactly is a diaper party? For those of you who are unfamiliar with this new novelty, the idea may seem strange to you. Also known as a “Man Shower”, a diaper party is simply a baby shower for guys.

Diaper parties aren’t a typical baby shower participants are expected to give diapers to the couple rather than a stereotypical baby shower gift. They’re far more casual than a baby shower usually held at back yard barbecue, a man cave, even a poker night, where you can toss back a few beers (perhaps imbibed in baby bottles to really take up a notch!) and of course a very stereotypical round of cigars!

Make Your diaper party absolutely epic with the help of Kitty Cat Now! Our stunning Exotic Dancers will put on a wild riveting show for you and your friends to culminate in the ultimate last hurrah before your life changes completely.

Wether You’d prefer a topless or nude waitress to dole out drinks and snacks to your guests. Or an absolutely salacious 2 Girl Erotic show we can make your Diaper Party go from mild to wild with just a quick call to your favorite local and trusted Stripping Agency Kitty Cat Now! Give us a call or book online Kitty Cat Now. To ensure your DadChelor party lives on an infamy in your hearts and memories forever!

Kitty Cat Now:

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