The Bachelor Party Users Manual

Kitty Cat Now submits for your viewing pleasure The Bachelor Party Users Manual. A step-by-step guide to ensuring you get the most out of your Bachelor Party! We’ll ensure to do a detailed analysis in order to take all the mystery out of planning the Perfect Bachelor Party for you and your friends! Kitty Cat Now incorporates sensational excitement to stimulate and titillate your wildest fantasies!

To help serve you better we’ve incorporated a comprehensive manual for planning your Epic Bachelor Party!

Step 1

Once you’ve communicated with your friends that you do indeed want to set up a Bachelor Party. We advise you to choose the location and the date of your event. Typically a group text message is an excellent way for everyone to stay in touch and communicate freely which each member is looking for. This way you can decide on the tone of the group; are you going to be with late-night warriors or early-morning risers? Each group comes with its own pros and cons that will add to the zest of your party.

Step 2

Once you decide on the specifics of the Date and Location, we would advise you to lock down your accommodations. Whether your group prefers the ambiance of a hotel right in the thick of the action or Would opt for an Airbnb to take in the culture of the city as if you were local. Do you have a member of the party located in the chosen city that is willing to host the party in their own home? All options can easily be accommodated but we have found that your lodgings are dependent upon the number of people in your Bachelor Party. More often than not booking an entire house is excellent for larger parties and hotels are great for smaller groups.

Step 3

After you’ve nailed down your travel arrangements and accommodations it’s truly the fun part where you can look into all the activities you want to do! Whether you look into Golf courses to set up a Tee Time, walking tours of the city, make reservations for dinners, or simply plan the area you plan to have an epic Bachelor Party Bar Crawl! There’s an immense impact when you plan ahead, could you fly by the seat of your pants the whole trip, absolutely! However, the benefits of having a plan to follow will take the pressure off and allow you to truly have fun, relax, and enjoy yourselves!

Step 4

Following your initial plans of the activities, you plan to do on the Bachelor Party Trip, lay out a few hours for a designated time for the Pièce de Résistance of any Bachelor Party a riveting Strip Show! Why hob-knob through the crowded streets of NOLA when you Can plan a sumptuously sexy party in the private confines of your home or vacation rental. Any of our show variations will cater to your party directly. Whether you opt for a Sensational 2 Girl Lesbian Show or the more subdued Single Strip Show. All of our Exotic Dancers specialize in Bachelor Parties and will ensure you have a mesmerizing time! By simply calling us or Booking Online we can provide sumptuously Sexy Strippers to your party to create memories you’ll recall for a lifetime! Organizing your event ahead of time takes all the pressure off the group when everything is prepared ahead of time. All that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy the chaos of one hell of a memorable Bachelor Party!

We hope this little synopsis has helped with any burning questions or concerns you may have. Kitty Cat Now wants to ensure we do everything in our power to provide you with a Bachelor Party out of your Wildest Fantasies! A heart-racing scintillating experience you and your friends will still be speaking about for years to come! A party with Kitty Cat Now is one you can truly be proud of! Give us a call or Book Online today!

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