Take Advantage Of The 3 Day Holiday Weekend With Kitty Cat Now!

Kitty Cat Now invites you to start off the New Year on a high note with Guy’s Trip! Reinvigorate your spirits after a holiday season spent amongst family. The pitfall of the holiday season is never allowing yourself to fully unwind in the chaos of pleasing children and significant others. We have a long year ahead of us and it’s vital to take care of our own happiness. Experience the utter joy when it’s just you and your closest friends, the guys you can fully engage with enabling you to become your full authentic self. Telling dirty jokes all night, having another drink without a disapproving look from across the room. Your time is influential and precious make sure you don’t squander it this weekend!

This Trip Is For The Boys!

Travel in the new year over the Martin Luther King Jr. extended holiday weekend with just the guys! Take full advantage of the 3-Day Weekend making it as extreme or relaxing as your group can handle. If You’re outfitted for adventure make sure your weekend is Action Packed! Whether you find yourself commanding a snowmobile on fresh powder, Golfing, or horseback riding on grassy trails. A 3-Day Weekend with Kitty Cat Now is a match made in heaven or at least the kind one finds in a long weekend. Imagine incorporating Sexy Strippers into your After Party! It’s the perfect ending to an exciting day when you can regale in the company of your best friends and scintillating Exotic Dancers!

Make It A 3 Day Weekend Extravaganza

Incorporating Sexy Strippers into your Guy’s Trip is the best way to finesse an epic 3-Day Weekend! It’s truly the best way to ensure this trip goes down as one for the books! Creating a legendary event you’ll fondly recall for years to come. A true bonding experience that will connect your friend group as brothers from here on out. Sensational Nude Strippers will broaden your horizons and add just the right amount of Zest to this momentous Guy’s Trip! Our gorgeous Kitty Cat Strippers™ will Bring The Party To You! Whether you have a vacation rental, a private home, or you’re staying in a hotel we’ll come to you with all the amenities required for an extraordinary experience! Take advantage of your Guys Trip 3 Day weekend with a mesmerizing Strip Show with Kitty Cat Now! Give us a call or Book Online Today!

Kitty Cat Now:

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