Surprise Your Groom To Be With A Sensational Strip Show!

Surprise your Groom To Be with a Sensational Strip Show! The Bachelor Party is a tradition as old as time. In each generation, we strive to go over and beyond our predecessors. We’ve all heard our grandfathers droll on about the incredible memories they had when a Stripper jumped out of a cake. The stories they’ve shared our entire lives explain in great detail how a titillating Bachelor Party is the reason they’ve remained married to your grandmother for lo these many years. Infinitely reminds you that an Epic Bachelor Party is the foundation of a strong marriage. At Kitty Cat Now we value the wisdom of our elders ensuring their good counsel is well heeded. We strive to pay attention to go over and beyond your expectations creating an evening you’ll remember for years to come.

All Hail The King Of Surprises

You can be the king of your crew providing the ultimate Surprise for your upcoming Bachelor Party! Arranging alluring Exotic Dancers will make you feel like the king of the castle. Naturally for the event itself the Groom To Be is the star of the show where the girls will dote on his every whim. Whether you hide him in a back room while you sneak the girls in the entryway. Conversely, simply have him open the door to two Sexy Strippers dressed as scantily clad cops responding to a noise complaint. We’ll ensure he’ll be overjoyed by the frivolity of the entire spectacle.

Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It:

Surprising the groom is a monumental win for your party. Especially when he least suspects it! However, we must insist that all the other members of your party are clued in about this incredibly special evening. A surprise bachelor party can be difficult to pull off but as long as there’s one recipient for the surprise and everyone else is aware of the party you’ll be in good graces. All you need for this tremendous evening is just a bit of preparation so that we can ensure the whole experience goes smoothly. Invest the time and effort to make sure your Surprise Bachelor Party goes off without a hitch! Give us a call or Book Online today!

Kitty Cat Now:

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