How to Throw a Great Bachelor Party

Your buddy is getting married and it’s up to you to throw the bachelor party. It’s a lot of work, but it also allows you to make sure your friend’s last days as a bachelor are going to be memorable.

Determine the Guest List

First, you need to think about who you are going to be inviting to the event. The guestlist can often determine where you will hold the party and the types of activities you will be enjoying. For example, if you have the bride’s father at the party, you probably don’t want to have strippers there.

Determine the Date and Location

Part of figuring out the guest list and getting confirmation will be a little back and forth when it comes to the date for the bachelor party, as well as the location. Choose a date that works for the bachelor and then for as many of the guests as possible. Once you have the date and location chosen, it will be easier to get confirmation on who can attend.

If you are going to be heading out of town for the bachelor party, make sure that you book the property or room, and make any needed reservations as soon as possible. you want to make sure everything is locked down and there won’t be any hiccups when the time for the party arrives.

Plan the Activities

What sorts of activities will you be doing? It will often depend on whether it’s a single night or a full weekend. You might want to go out to a nice dinner, go to a sporting event, play some golf, visit a brewery, etc. It’s also tradition to consider hiring some erotic entertainment for a show. It could be just the thing the party needs to truly make it memorable.

Something to Keep in Mind: Know What the Groom Likes and Doesn’t Like

Remember who the bachelor party is for. Even though you and your other friends want to have a great time, you need to be sure the groom is happy and comfortable with the event. You want to know what they like and don’t like. If they tell you they don’t want a stripper, then don’t get one for them.

Instead, if you and the other guys want to have a strip show, you can hire the girls from Kitty Cat Now separately for a time when the groom won’t be there. This way, everyone is happy.

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