Having a Party? Hiring Strippers is the Best Way to Make it Epic

While many people tend to believe that fall is the death of summer, they quickly forget about all that once the idea of fall parties comes into view. You’ve got bonfires, costumes, and masquerade parties. In fact, fall parties are the only type of parties that can rival those thrown in the summer. So, how can you make your party stand out this fall? We have a couple of ideas that can take your party and push it over the top.

Create A Themed Party

A themed party, while nothing new, can be used to push the envelope, so to speak. For example, select a theme that oozes conflict, such as a Heaven and Hell theme. Let party guests select which side they would rather associate with by their costume selection. You can tailor your games and events around this theme to really make it an All-Star event.

Challenge The Status Quo

Every party has a few basic things, and, in this case, we will call it the status quo. The status quo consists of food or snacks, drinks, and some form of entertainment, typically music or conversation. Sounds like just about every party you’ve ever been to, including some of your family get-togethers, right? Do not be afraid to change to narrative and challenge the status quo. Personally, we like the idea of location parties and exotic dancers as a way to push back against the boring constraints of a typical party.

How Hiring Strippers Can Make Your Party Epic

The shock factor alone from hiring a couple of strippers to kick your party up a notch or twelve will be enough to make it a party no one will forget. Then you add in the actual entertainment, the games, and energy that comes from professional exotic dangers, such as the ones from Kitty Cat Now, bring to the party, and your party is going to be compared to those of one Van Wilder and Taj.

If you want to learn more about how Kitty Cat Now can help take your party to epic status, then contact us today. We would like to hear your ideas and share how we could help make your upcoming party purrfect!

Kitty Cat Now:

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