The Best Way to Enjoy Football Season with Kitty Cat Now

Now that the dark days of the spring and mostly summer without sports have come to an end, another college and pro season of football are rapidly approaching to give us of those big hits and long touchdown passes we so desperately crave. But let’s be honest, there are other types of entertainment that the fellows also desire and why not make this extra special season of football even more epic?

The Perfect Game Night Package

Spice your game days or nights up this year with a football party package from the experts in making boring gatherings come to life! Kitty Cat Now will send the sexiest and friendliest girls around to make your football fandom an experience beyond anything you and your buddy’s can imagine.

How would like to have a couple of drop-dead ladies serving wings and pouring beer at your personal draft party? Think the guys at some local beer joint with a corner table and a 25-in TV are having that good of a time? And did we forget to mention that these lovely hostesses and servers are more than eager to get topless and even fully nude? Maybe we should have led with that one, huh?

Once the draft is over, the real season begins! Maybe you host regular game day parties from your home, man cave, or anywhere else. Multiple, gorgeous football fan groupies would be more than happy to come brighten up your watch party with a few up close and personal cheerleader impersonations. Lap dances are never out of the question with our frisky femme fatales here at Kitty Cat Now. What could possibly make you and your friends football weekend any better?

What About the Halftime Show?

Oh wait, we know. How about if those gorgeous and scantily clad (or completely unclad) hostesses and companions put on a halftime or postgame show that will have you forgetting all about the game? From topless and all nude service to lap dances and even 2 and 3 girl fantasy shows, there is nothing that many of our girls won’t do to entertain a few fun-loving guys who have all been cooped up too long without sports and beautiful women!

To find out more, reach out to us here at Kitty Cat Now and see what we can bring to your football party.

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