Bacon Smells Better When Served by a Sexy Stripper

What’s better than breakfast food? How about breakfast food served by a beautiful stripper? It’s all possible when you choose to get a private party like Boobs and Bacon or Tits and Toast from Kitty Cat Now. More on what those entail later. First, though, let’s think about why and when you might want to book one of these shows.

Why Do You Want This?

The question should be “Why wouldn’t you want this?” There really isn’t any better way to start the day. Have a nice breakfast cooked by and served by a stripper before they get on with their erotic show to get your day going.

While you could book one of these events whenever you like, there are certain special occasions where these shows would be perfect. For example, it’s hard to think of any better birthday present you could give yourself or one of your buddies. You could also do this on a bachelor’s weekend. Begin the morning with one of these shows, head out for a day on the town with the groom and your friends, and then maybe book another, different style of strip show for the evening.

What Do You Get to Experience?

You have a couple of options when it comes to these breakfast shows. First up will be Tits and Toast. This is a two-hour show that includes one hour where the girl cooks your breakfast totally topless. During the second hour, the girl will perform an erotic show for you.

The second option is called Boobs and Bacon. This is also a two-hour show, but how it differs is that there is a second girl. The two topless girls will cook your breakfast during the first hour, and the second hour is an amazing two-girl lesbian show that you will never forget, nor would you want to.

If you can think of a more interesting way to wake up and greet the world, that’s impressive. For more people, though, these shows are going to be as good as it gets! Keep in mind that when you opt for one of these shows, you will have to provide your own groceries and cookware.

If you are interested in booking one of these shows, or any of the other private shows and events offered through Kitty Cat Now, it’s time that you got in touch.

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