Bachelor Party Ideas During Quarantine

Well, this whole quarantine and self-isolation thing has been no fun at all. And one of the things that many people missed most was all the fun and excitement that goes along with a buddy getting married! Of course, by this, we mean the bachelor party and everything that comes with it; a night of drinking and debauchery to celebrate winning another mate.

Start the Night Off in Style

Now that things are starting to get back to somewhat normal, why not revive and reinvent the greatest tradition in the pre-marriage process? Let the sultry and sensual girls of Kitty Cat Now provide all the entertainment and enjoyment you, your friends, and the husband-to-be are looking for.

Maybe you want to throw an adult poker bash and you need a few sexy, topless waitresses, and dealers. What better way to have a great time with some of your best and closest friends than with a little drinking and gambling, as well as a lot of gorgeous scenery and naughty behavior?

Party buses are another great place to host and event from Kitty Cat Now, all while making sure that you keep your groups’ numbers on the lower side. Imagine you and your friends in the wedding party living it up all over the city while being memorized and tantalized by the stripping, dancing, and whatever other parlor tricks these talented and playful ladies can come up with.

It doesn’t have to be limited to just a little bit of topless fun and dancing around either. Not only will our friendly ladies be glad to entertain fully nude and give lap dances, they are also very willing and ready to get a little bit more amorous with their friends who came with them. This can be anything from a steamy hands-on show to a session with toys and more intense action!

Another great location for a bachelor party package from Kitty Cat Now is out on the water! Boats and beach trips make a great backdrop for bikini or skin-clad beauties enjoying the sun, wind and water over every inch of their incredible bodies. Just think about the time you and your buddies would have there!

Have the Time of Your Pre-Marriage Life

Whatever kind of specialty bachelor party experience you are looking for, the professional good-time providers at Kitty Cat Now can make it happen.

Kitty Cat Now:

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