7 Reasons to Book an Event with Kitty Cat Now

Hiring the beautiful girls from Kitty Cat Now can help to make any event a better and brighter affair. Below are some of the different sorts of activities and celebrations where having some strippers can liven things up.

Bachelor Parties

Of course, this is the “big event” that most people think of when it comes to parties and strippers. If you have a buddy who is going to tie the knot, send him off in style with a stripper show, not just a nice dinner.

Divorce Parties

While getting married is a time to celebrate, getting divorced can be a celebration in its own right. Sometimes, returning to the “single life” is just a better fit for people. There’s no better way to reintegrate someone into becoming single again than checking out some strippers. Make a big evening of it.

Birthday Parties

You’re no longer kids. Birthday hats, cakes, and video games just don’t do it, at least not on their own. Whether it’s your birthday or you’re throwing a party for a pal, consider having some strippers do a show.

A Night at Home

Whether it’s poker night, or you are just getting together to watch some sports with your friends, take it up a notch with some topless waitresses and strippers. It will make any night memorable.

Pool Parties

If you have a pool at home or your vacation rental, turn it into more than just a typical entertainment spot. Have some great food, drinks, and a few lovely ladies performing an erotic show for you.

Yacht Parties

If you have a boat of your own, or you rent a yacht, make the party unforgettable with a few strippers. Getting out on the water has never been more fun.

Starting the Morning Right

Whether it’s the morning of a bachelor party or just another day, you can get things going with a little heat in the kitchen. Kitty Cat Now offers two great packages for the morning—Tits and Toast and Boobs and Bacon. Essentially, topless women cook breakfast and then perform an erotic show. Waking up doesn’t get much better.

Find the Perfect Package

Of course, these are just some of the top reasons to consider booking an event with Kitty Cat Now. There’s never a bad time, so check out some of the packages that might suit your needs from nude waitresses to erotic shows with multiple girls.

Kitty Cat Now:

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