5 Reasons to Book Strippers Through Kitty Cat Now

When it comes to throwing the perfect party or event., everyone has a different idea of just what that means. However, when strippers are involved, there’s a lot more to choose from today than you might realize. It’s no longer just a few options for events or the option between one or two girls—now you can customize the entire experience from start to finish, including how many girls are included, for how long, and what kind of events take place.

Kitty Cat Now has worked hard to revolutionize the industry, and here are five reasons our strippers should be on your list for the next bachelor party or boy’s night (or brunch!).

  1. Strippers and Girls for Every Event and Occasion

We take pride in offering a variety of girls that offer a range of looks, shows and skills, and entertainment options. We can do high-caliber brunch with a topless twist or throw a four-girl XXX extreme show for the full, unrated experience.

  1. Unique Experiences for Bachelors and More

Our parties and events allow you to enjoy more than just a girl dancing to a song. We can provide girls with unique bachelor’s parties, boys’ nights, and other events. You won’t find anything else like Kitty Cat Now.

  1. Customization for a Full Experience

As mentioned, we can do whatever you want—and we will. Customize the package that you choose or call for pricing for other events or ideas you may have. We are more than willing to work with you and can customize things to your exact specifications.

  1. Pricing and Packages for Every Need

Our shows come in all sizes and styles, making them great for every budget and event. Whether you just want one girl to put on a little show or you want to pull out all the stops with a Boobs and Bacon package that includes breakfast and two girls for your enjoyment, we have you covered.

  1. Dedicated, Experienced Girls (That Can Cook!)

Kitty Cat Now has a range of vetted strippers and dancers that can deliver almost any type of experience that you can envision. We even offer two breakfast packages that include topless girls cooking breakfast for you—have you ever had a stripper cook for you before?

Contact Kitty Cat Now to discuss our various events, experiences, and available girls, as well as how we can help elevate your bachelor party or another celebratory event.

Kitty Cat Now:

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